Brands We Partner With

Cheese Pleasers
Icon Meats
Glenwood Snacks
TUSCAN SUN Gourmet Sandwiches
J. Morgan's Confections
Vermont Beef Jerky
Kellys K9 Cookies


“I’ve worked with Craig and Shawn for years. Great company to work with! Very quick to get back to me with answers for any questions that I have!!!!”

*Taylor Dernbach *Owner *Cheese Pleasers Inc.     

“I have maintained Thacker & Associates as my broker representative for 11 years now and as a small manufacturer from Utah I needed a group that could focus on our small business and give me the attention that a national broker would not. Together we have grown our business substantially in the markets that Craig & Shawn represent for us. They are tremendous at initiating, following up and following through on all aspects of sales of my line. I am glad to have them.”

*Gary Dahlquist     *National Sales Manager   *J. Morgan Confections